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Recent / Ongoing Work Achievements

  Done so far about close to 3 lakh sqm of Reinforced Earth wall across various Flyovers, Underpasses, ROBs in various projects in the last 3 years

  Done more than 1500 piles in the last 3 years

  Executing a 1.1 km river bridge in Karnataka presently and also 10 more bridges across various rivers in Karnataka

  Just won a award for construction of 10 ROBs basing on complete steel structures from RBDCK, Kerala

Signature Project

  Construction Of Flyover at Marthandam And Parvathipuram On NH-47 In State Of Tamil Nadu To Be Implemented On EPC Mode.

  The project is the first of its kind Steel flyover in the Southern Part of INDIA.

  Structural STEEL becomes an Integral part of this Structure and has been fully built integrating the concepts of manufacturing of projects from construction of projects.

  First time E – 410 Grade – Structural Steel is being used in this project.

  The project has won several accolades including the NH Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Work in Challenging Conditions in the year 2020-21