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Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects

Welcome to SPL Infrastructure

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SPL is One Of The Leading EPC Contractors In The Field Of Civil Engineering, Specialising In Execution Of Bituminous Asphaltic Roads, Concrete Roads & Bridges For The Past 40 Years.

Mr. SP. Lakshmanan Is The Founding Chairman And Has Interdisciplinary Team Of Professionals With Proven Expertise In The Business And Project Management.

Vision :

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To become one of the prominent and trustworthy organization in the nation by paving quality roads and building better infrastructure.


To deliver projects on time in a smooth manner by imbibing the culture of working closely and together with various stakeholders.

Our recent projects

SPL Infra Toll Project
SPL Infra Toll2
SPL Infra Toll2
SPL Infra Bridge 1
SPL Infra Bridge 1.1
SPL Infra Bridge 2
SPL Infra Road 1
SPL Infra Road 1
SPL Infra Safety

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